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Cathy Shepherd loves to travel and fuels her creativity with each unique location and encounter. Each piece in her glass art series is a special momentum from a certain time or place that appealed to her senses and moved her to create. Read on to find out what personal experiences led to the creation of her unique art glass works.

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All sold items can be recreated.

Flow & Let Go

fused glass wall panels

It’s not what you look at, it’s how you see it and how it makes you feel.  I have always adored glass as well as abstract paintings.  In my latest work, I’ve integrated my passion for both in treating the glass as if it were a painting.  The following collections all tell a story from a travel adventure, a simple nighttime walk, or a GNO with great friends.

Love The Beach

glass art series

Again!  Those awesome travel adventures hold such heartfelt stories:  walking the lava rock shoreline on Wakaya, Fiji, diving in Tikehau and Taha, Tahiti, sunsets and pounding waves in Cabo.  Some of the following are also inspired from listening to travel stories told by friends.

For The Table

Cathy Shepherd, Glass Artist

Inspiration often strikes while performing the most ordinary activities. When we allow our minds to wander and escape the monotony of mundane tasks, we allow the beauty of perception to enrapture us. Such is the case behind my inspiration to create my, "For The Table" series.

One day while walking my dogs, I began to notice the interesting shapes and lines in the cracks of the street and sidewalk. I started taking my camera with me on walks and photographing the broken concrete which have become great inspiration for many of my kiln-forming projects. This process allows for spontaneity and the freedom to implement a variety of glass elements while creating a more organic abstraction. This form of creating is quickly becoming my favorite technique.


glass art series

Simple pleasures are strategically placed by God for our amazement. Oftentimes, these mysterious gifts hypnotize my mind. One so special one is in our "happy place". When the ocean wave crashes onto shore then retreats, it leaves remnants or what I call "fringes of foam". I created textural pieces which have been tack fused onto Champagne Shores.


glass art series

Inspiration for this series came during a yoga retreat to Costa Rica.  In Manuel Antonio protected rainforest, an abundance of nature, colors and energy fuse together and seem to reach out.  The following pieces are an abstract interpretation of the visual energy I absorbed.


glass art series

It was another beautiful early evening. A storm was brewing in the distance as my dogs and I walked under an eerie sky. Suddenly three brilliant rainbows appeared. They seemed to be calling my name.  Every time I turned to gaze at them, they smiled back.

Polynesian Paradise

glass art series

No amount of words can describe the emotion rupturing from heart while gazing at this gorgeous paradise, Tetiaroa in French Polynesia.  The most gentle movement of aquas, cobalts and greens fuse a calm energy inviting you to float among them.  When you do, they wrap their arms around you as if to say Maeva.  Welcome.  I hope you find this next group of artwork inviting you into a world of peace…for the moment at least.

Cathy & Kirby

Cathy Shepherd, Glass Artist

I discovered Kirby via a baseball fundraising event held at Flower Mound High School in Feb. 2016.  After the 1st meeting we felt like kindred spirits with ideas pouring over the sketchbook.  His metal designs take my glass work to a new dimension.

These are one of a kind but can be recreated in a similar design.