Glass Art


Glass Art Collaborations

From metalsmiths to painters, Cathy has collaborted with various artists throughout the years. It's a great joy to work with other creative minds and use different mediums to make art.

Below is a collection of different artists and works that Cathy has collaborated with to create unique art glass pieces.

Collaborations with Daniel Padilla

Glass Art Commission

One of my “out of the box” ideas for several years has been to collaborate with a local canvas artist.  This would enable the artwork to be large, eliminate weight, and allow for a 3 dimensional piece.  In March of this year, I walked into LMBARTGLASS to meet with Brooke, the owner.  A fabulous painting caught my eye.  It was created by Daniel Padilla who had just had a show there but left a few of his pieces.  Coincidentally, he was on his way to pick them up.  We talked about my idea and he loved it.  Our plan was to create vignettes which included our collaborative work, coordinating glass sculptures for the wall and pedestal, along with some of LMB’s inventory. Brooke invited us to do a show and so our event was Sept 23, 2017 at LMBARTGLASS. The following images are a few of our creations and images of the vignettes.  Enjoy!

Cathy & Kirby

Cathy Shepherd, Glass Artist

I discovered Kirby via a baseball fundraising event held at Flower Mound High School in Feb. 2016.  After the 1st meeting we felt like kindred spirits with ideas pouring over the sketchbook.  His metal designs take my glass work to a new dimension.

These are one of a kind but can be recreated in a similar design.