Glass Art

Art Glass Sculpture

Glass artist Cathy Shepherd’s vibrant, spontaneous style allows her creative energy to flow freely as she exquisitely creates each of her glass art pieces. She fuses a collage of dynamic colors and shapes cut from iridescent transparent glass, layered together with dichroics cut into mosaics, blending in fused glass shards for more visual energy. Cathy strives to create art that is beyond her expectations, and those of her audience, leaving those who truly appreciate her art with an acclaimed “wow factor” that has gained national attention in the art world.

Her Work

gallery art glass

Our visual world is a giant mosaic filled with luminous colors, textures, organic shapes, sounds and energy. These elements inspire Cathy and fuel her soul to create what seems to come alive on her glass canvas. Most often they tell a story of a traveling adventure, a yoga experience or a great friend. Her spontaneous style is a mosaic of vibrant colors, textures and little surprises which overlap in a flowing manner creating energy and depth. Each piece has a personal character inviting you in to not just look at it, but to ask, how does it make you feel?

Glass Art Series

The following collections are Cathy's pieces sorted by inspiration, usability and collaboration.