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Glass Art Commission

Cathy Shepherd’s glass artwork adds pops of nature-inspired color to architectural design and a variety of residential and commercial spaces. Her handcrafted glass art work is one-of-a-kind, and is featured in national galleries, private homes, government buildings, and more.

This past year I’ve been very blessed to have had the opportunity to create large wall panels for both residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. One of my visions is to liven-up the spaces where so many of us have to wait: especially for the doctors!  Enjoy previewing the following images.

To request information for your One of a Kind contact Cathy Shepherd - 214-240-5085 or email

Private Commissions

art glass commission in New York

Because sometimes you just can't find the art piece you envision, call Cathy to create it for you. From size to color and style she can create a beautiful art glass sculpture that fits your specific needs.

Cathy often collaborates with sculpist Kirby Hicks to create one of a kind commissions for indoor and outdoor spaces. Using their combined creativity and skills, they have collaborated on many beautiful pieces adorning homes and gardens all over the United States.

Cosmic Connections

Commission for Ethel in Houston, TX.

Cut and arranged different pieces of glass.

Each piece undergoes tack fusing to join together.

After all pieces are tack fused, they are assembled to complete the design.

Panels are mounted on aluminum base and installed for display.

Twilight Vista

Collaboration with Kirby Hicks for Keith & Sharon.

Cut and arranged art glass and full fused for initial bonding.

Kiln interior ready for fusing.

Pieces are then layed out and mounted on aluminum sculpture.

Installed outdoors to be viewed through kitchen window.


Collaboration with Kirby Hicks for Keith & Sharon.

Individual pieces are cut and arranged and undergo first round of full fusing to join together.

Frits & stringers added followed by second round of tack fusing.

Mounted in specialty coated metal circle for weather resistance.

Finished piece mounted in sculpture and displayed in garden.

Ideas Inc. Lobby in the Bronx, New York

art glass commission in New York

On March 9, 2016, Cathy Shepherd was contacted by Aaron Fertig, President of Ideas, Inc., who saw her work on her website and loved her piece, “Dancing Required”. He commissioned Cathy to re-create a larger version of said piece for the lobby of the Solaria Riverdale Condominiums in the Bronx, NY.

The commissioned piece needed to be large enough to be the central focus on a large lobby wall but not heavy as it required to be hung. Cathy resolved this by creating 3 separate panels, 22.25” by 31” and mounting them on a large 6’ by 3’ lightweight aluminum frame. After consulting with the project owner and discussing color and glass choices, Cathy got to work.

First, Cathy sketched the design and layout on the 3 clear glass panels and painted each panel with streaks of copper mica powder.

Then, she cut the lighter colors of glass: light orange, light amber, red amber tint, chartreuse, and orange and arranged them across the clear base to construct the design. Clear pieces of glass were cut to fit in order to make the whole panel 6mm thick. Frits and stringers were added to fill in the design and add detail.

Next, each panel had to be full fused one at a time due to their size. A slow fusing program was implemented to prevent bubbles and cracking. The duration of the slow fusing spanned 2 days for each panel.

Then it was time for Cathy’s favorite part of the glass making process, she added texture colors of red, red fracture, sunset coral, orange, chartreuse and strips of dichroic glass which made the whole design come together.

Once again, each panel had to undergo another session of tack fusing which had an even slower program due to the thickness and stretched another 2 days for each.

Finally, Cathy’s job was done. The project went to The Framing Warehouse where it was mounted on the aluminum frame and then craters and freighters packed and shipped it to the Bronx! The final piece arrived safely at its new home and is displayed in the lobby of the Solaria Riverdale Condominium’s main office.

Cathy's Art Glass Creation Process

Cut lighter colors of glass and arranged them across the clear base.

Each panel had to undergo slow fusing to prevent bubbles and cracks

Added some frits and stringers to fill in the spaces and add interest.

Added texture colors of red, red fracture, sunset coral, orange, chartreuse and strips of dichroic glass.

Second round of tack fusing process which lasted 2 days per panel.

Mounted on aluminum frame and hanging in the Bronx.